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I hope this is the correct place to ask this kind of question. We are currently involved in a project with a university. They are planning to develop custom hardware for some interaction with 3D data. The flow of data is bi-directional so the hardware sends data to the 3d world and depending on the interaction in the 3d world there will be some feedback on the hardware, imagine a haptic response.

This sounds like the perfect project for Fabric but since this is the first time we do anything like this I have some questions on how to approach it. They will develop the hardware but they are asking what do we need from them to process the data.

Having seen the midi controller video or even the razer hydra one, makes me think about how to approach this with them and how to approach it with Fabric Engine but I want to be sure it's the correct one.

Since they will develop the hardware, they should also develop a driver for the operating system and an API to interact with it from applications and on our side we should use that driver and API to develop an extension for Fabric to interact with the hardware. Does this sound correct? Or am I completely off?

Also is there some considerations they should do while developing the drivers and API to make it work easily with Fabric?

Thanks in advance

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