Metadata from Rhino3D for custom import pattern


in order to set up a new import pattern I need to know which meta data coming from Rhino is available to work with in the canvas graph. How can I get an overview of that?

Being new to canvas I'd additionally need to find out how to then access that data in specific. Is there one node that accesses the data that can be configured to read a specific value or are there different nodes for different types of meta data from Rhino?

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  • HelgeHelge Moderator, Fabric Employee Posts: 315 Fabric Employee

    Hey @Coooper,

    you can use the metaDataKeys node to get a list of all of the names of metadata on an object. (This list might be quite small right now. Let us know what kind of metadata you are looking for!) You can have a look at the list by feeding it through a report node. Once you know the key for the metadata you want to get - you can use the getMetaData node to retrieve its content. Note that metaData is always a string - you will have to convert it afterwards to a Scalar or other types if needed.

    I hope this helps!


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  • CoooperCoooper Posts: 2

    Hi Helge,

    thank you for that information, that will be a good starting point. I'll play around with this and get back to you when I have got more specific requirements or questions.

    Until then...

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