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  • Major refactoring: Beta 14 is ready for testing!

    Hey gang,

    we are happy to announce that beta 14 is ready for testing (please see for the download). The Unreal plugin got a major overhaul.

    This one is kind of a big deal since it features a nearly 100% rewrite based on the feedback and requirements. We focused our efforts mainly on the topic of deployment and easy packaging of content. Here's a list of changes:

    • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.13.1
    • New standalone installer for simple installation
    • New licensing dialogs for in-plugin licensing
    • Actors are no longer depending on Fabric
    • New delegation mechanism: Editor has all features live - while game can still work without Fabric
    • New unified user interface
    • New caching workflow for deformations, procedural geometry and instanced meshes
    • Support for packaging of any content
    • Removed the Kraken Integration (moved to separate plugin)
    • Lots of bug fixes and improvements

    Note: Content from this version is NOT compatible with content from previous versions, so you'll have to rebuild your maps.

    Here's a comprehensive video showing

    • Installation and licensing
    • OpenNurbs import + Packaging for a game
    • Alembic import of static meshes, animation as well as caching
    • Canvas procedural content import, caching and packaging for a game

    Let us know what you think!

  • Re: How to access the Fabric for Unreal beta

    hey gang,

    just updated the drop to beta4.

    Changes in this version:

    • fixed alembic crashes related to invalid uvs
    • fixed alembic crashes related to varying topology
    • fixed flipped uvs from 3dm
    • introduced new merge option by layer for 3dm
    • introduced new unit settings for 3dm import
    • fixed lightmap generation to work with static lights
    • support for canvas graphs, both for meshes as well as instanced meshes (see samples folder for canvas)
    • proper support for static meshes set to mobility static for drastically increased runtime performance

    It would be great if somebody could report the performance difference for larger scenes comparing "movable" meshes vs now "static" meshes coming from 3dm when baking the lighting. we've seen that baking the lighting can take a really long time, however the runtim performance should be quite noticeable.

    let me know how things go!