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Paul Doyle
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  • Building a simple hair system with Fabric 2.6

    We worked with our friend Tom Sporer to turn this production tool around in just a few days. Check out the article here

  • Fabric 2.6 is here!

    We're really happy with everything we've managed to get into this release, it's a big upgrade!

  • First look at Fabric 2.6 plus new customer announcements

    Hi everyone - we've got a couple of press releases going out during Siggraph. There's a short summary blog post here:

    If you're interested in the bigger press release, it's here:

    Or you can just watch the video :)

  • Import Patterns: Behaviours for Game Engines

    Hi everyone - the current beta includes support for import patterns and building out behaviours that can be used to control how assets work within Unreal. The examples we use in this video are a simple sliding door and a proximity switch for a light. We're sure you'll come up with lots of other ideas, so take a look and let us know what you think.

  • Fabric 2.5 is OUT!

    We're happy to announce the release of Fabric Engine 2.5. This release has two main additions: Kludge, a tool for wrapping C and C++ libraries, and a completely new version of Tab Search.

    For the full release notes, go to:

    To start using Fabric right now, go to Get Fabric and request your free evaluation license.

    Redesigned Tab Search

    As part of our ongoing project to improve the 'first touch' of using Canvas, we have worked hard to overhaul the Tab Search functionality. Previously, it was difficult to find specific nodes and also to find out what certain nodes did. Tab Search now leverages the new tag architecture of Presets to improve discoverability in Canvas visual programming. It is now very easy to quickly find the nodes you need and also understand what a specific node does.

    Here's a quick overview of the new functionality:

    For more information on how the new tag architecture works please refer to the documentation


    Most studios use a range of commercial, open-source and custom libraries in their environments. While Fabric is a powerful platform, it's unrealistic to expect people to reinvent the wheel - it's vital that Fabric can play nicely with these existing libraries. Kludge is a tool that makes it easier to wrap C++ libraries into KL extensions.

    Kludge consists of three parts:

    • An API description language that describes a C++ API in a way that Kludge can use to generate an extension that wraps the API.
    • A generate tool that takes an API description written in this language and generates a KL extension, written in both C++ and KL, that wraps the API.
    • A discover tool that takes C++ header files and tries to generate an API description in the description language.
      For more information on Kludge, please refer to the Kludge User Guide

    New Extensions

    We have leveraged the power of Kludge to create some new extensions:

    • SQLite3 + SQLite3Wrapper: Enables support for an in memory database within KL. Additionally, the SQLite3Wrapper introduces a lightweight ORM (Object relational model)
    • ZeroMQ: A simple to use high-performance socket library
    • Fabric Template Library (FTL): Wrapping parts of our core services. To introduce this extension, we’ve exposed a high-performance JSON Decoder and Encoder based on the one the Fabric Core uses.
    • BinPacking: The Bin Packing extension provides a service for solving a 2D bin packing problem with KL. The bin packing problem is described well at

    We hope you like the release!

    Team Fabric