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Fabric for MotionBuilder
  • Re: LLDB on Windows

    I don't think this will help with debugging KL, as KL doesn't use the pdb format. That being said, I haven't looked into windows debugging in a while (as using a VM is pretty much just as good).

    @Daniele Niero I'll write up a tutorial for setting up VS Code for KL soon. I use it all the time, and although it has a few flaws it's utterly indispensable - I don't understand how anyone can do serious work without a debugger.

    It's also way faster to write code in VS Code than anything else. So far I've only created minimal tooling for it, there is still many improvements I have planned. When I have "time".

  • Re: LLDB on Windows

    much simpler :)

    I haven't put real time into this yet, but VSCode is capable of a lot more than sublime. We might be able to take advantage of a lot of it's more advanced capabilities (for example, connecting it to KL's lexer to get proper intellisense etc).

    Once I'm not way too rushed, I'm looking forward to investing a bit of time into this. I built a syntax highlighter (basically copying the existing KL repo), and I've got a fork of LLDBCode to fix a few of the niggling issues. I'll have a bit more time in a few weeks to look into things then

  • Re: Request: Don't over-write EXT folder in environment.bat/sh

    Well, I'm a bit embarressed now, because I didn't mean to make a big deal of it (honestly, yes, I could do as you suggest, but.... eeerrrrhhhh - it's just better that way!!)

    Also, I got a bit confused on the previous post, by trying to make my situation sound more complicated than it is.

    Yeah - its basically only for running max. For anything else, the environment.bat goes first, then I setup my project paths.

    For max though I can't do that: because the bat file actually triggers the load of the application. And it calls evironment.bat right before, which nixes my paths.

    So yeah, I could make a duplicate of the Max bat file - and thats what I'm actually doing now. I have one central BAT file sets up all the paths for my different build environments and dependent libraries, then triggers the appropriate application based on an argument.

    With this setup, I can launch any of the half-dozen applications, over any of about 6 versions of fabric. And each new version I download and use only requires editing one line, and I have launchers for all applications for the new version (thanks for the suggestion of a symbolic link, but I'm working with multiple versions of Fabric simultaneously - so a single link doesn't work for me)

    Now the only actual, practical reason for my request is that if Max's bat file changes suddenly, then my duplicated copy could, potentially, be out of date.

    This is extremely unlikely, as I am the developer of FabricMax, so I'd be a pretty poor dev to not notice the change :).

    So the real reason is just that I don't like having duplicated the max bat file (which is actually kinda not-simple) into another external bat file, and it has happened to me a few times that I lose time loading an application when my set paths have been overwritten.

    And the admittedly extremely subjective opinion that code should never override the will of the developer. I set that variable dammit! Don't you be ignoring me!!

    Maybe I've just taken this all a little bit too far though :)

  • Re: LLDB on Windows

    On the positive side: installing LLVM 5.0.0 is a breeze! Got it up and running without any issues at all.

    Also great news: it (says it) supports JIT debugging
    (lldb) log list
    jit - log JIT events in the target

    On the downside, even using the LLDB command prompt, I can't attach to a running KL script.
    set FABRIC_DEBUG=2
    start a KL script with an infinite loop to give a process we can attach to

    (lldb) process attach --name kl.exe
    error: attach failed: unknown error

    A bit frustrating, but we seem to be a lot closer!

    How can I find the missing link? Any suggestions from Fabric Co?

  • LLDB on Windows

    Hi All,

    Coming back to fabric after bit of a break - and it looks like LLDB on windows has come along significantly: several projects boast LLDB debugging in Visual Studio. This is great news, and I can't wait to try them out!

    Has anyone used one of these projects?

    If not - are there any curve-ball requirements on Fabric's side that might prevent me from using these projects to debug KL? I'm happy to compile LLDB or similar if necessary to get this going (and will post back my results)